5 Reasons why Apple is the greatest tech company ever existed.

For most people it’s edgy and cool to criticize Apple for everything. There is a sense of ‘uniqueness’ by not using Apple products. It’s easy to label people Apple sheep who buys any of it’s product without second thought or alternative consideration.

Apple always tops the list in terms of brand loyalty and customer retention. Source

However few understand the core reason behind this enormous success of Apple. Hint: It’s in their caption “Think different”

I’ll give few points I notice no one ever talks about.

  • Apple is richest company in history of mankind worth around $931 Billion. Can you guess how many billionaires the company produced? May be one person, that’s it – Art Levinson (It’s debatable as he has other sources of income and assets). Not even Steve Jobs, Tim Cook and many others. You might think why that’s a big deal. Can you name a major tech company that didn’t produce billionaires? It’s funny that there are tons of billionaires created from Apple’s supply chain but not from Apple. It seems Apple actually cares about R&D, company as whole including stockholders.
  • In tech world, profits are primary motive for most companies, however Apple seem to not really care about personal wealth and focus on best products and customer satisfaction. Ironically money comes after them as a side effect of brand loyalty.
  • They drive common sense technology innovation forward. Most people jump to attack Apple on any kind of move like removing headphone jack. However they might not remember that Apple was criticized for same behavior of removing Floppy Drives, CD ROMs, keypads on mobile phones.
  • They withstand intense criticism and anti-bias of media/press/wall street, yet don’t care as they value only customer feedback. Especially Wall Street hates Apple, every time before Apple earnings report you can notice mysterious anti-apple news surfing on mainstream media. When is the last time you noticed anti-Amazon news on media/wall street? There are people in media that still say Amazon Fire Phone is one of the best innovations in smartphone industry. Source
  • They seem to be the only company that actually care about Accessibility. Source
  • They actually care about Individual Privacy. Remember infamous Apple vs FBI battle over privacy of a dead terrorist? Wherever your stance lies, you cannot ignore the fact after the incident FBI was actually hacked, imagine the phone unlocking system is out there for everyone to grab. Apple even threatened Uber over user privacy. One can only imagine the status of Android App privacy and Google’s measures to tackle them. (Hint: They don’t.) Source

Funny thing is most beloved companies actually work with many organizations that thwarts online privacy of individuals.

Amazon – Source

Google – Source

Facebook – No Source required, lol.

Let me know in case of any misinformation I provided above, I will stand corrected.


Here’s the a quote from Steve Jobs:

” Almost everything – all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure – these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. ” – Steve Jobs

Source: https://www.quotedark.com

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