Why is Google Pixel 2 one of the worst ideas by Google?

As you all know, the Google Pixel 2 was released today, and it feels like the media is drooling over the phone, praising it all day long. The only problem is that this is so cringeworthy, I had to make a post.

Let me start by trashing the score from so-called camera rating company DXOMark. So, Google confirms the Pixel 2 phone has the best camera in the world because DXOMark says so. First of all, I’m not quite sure what makes DXOMark the worldwide standard for judging photo quality. The funny part is, a quick visit to the website reveals the following image; almost every firm that uses their service, including two android oriented news sources, bashes Apple for everything . Totally not fishy.

And Yes, Google removed the Pixel 2’s headphone jack this year. I agree with shifting audio to wireless, however the way Google did it is totally cringeworthy. Last year they made fun of Apple for removing the headphone jack on its iPhone. Almost every ad featured a jab at Apple about the headphone jack. Ironically, they removed the headphone jack this year hideously.


The crazy part is at least Apple took some time in its keynote last year to announce the removal of headphone jack with the reasons for it. Apple also includes earphones that work with the iPhone.  Google doesn’t  include earphones even though you are paying a premium price. Ironically, Google didn’t even let the audience know about the removal of the headphone jack. This shows why Apple is clearly a fan favorite, and Google basically made people fools by luring them in for a headphone jack. Obviously, you don’t see an outcry in the media about this, because it’s not Apple.

For anyone with half a brain can clearly see that there is actually no product vision for Google. They just blatantly copy Apple and try to hurt Apple’s sales. The only problem is Google makes inferior products compared to Apple. Here’s a simple comparison between original Apple products and  2017’s Google products.

Pixel 2 – iPhone 8

Motion Photos – Live Photos

Pixel buds – AirPods

Home Max – HomePod

Interestingly, if you compare the specs of Pixel buds, they probably are the most blatant copy of a product by a mainstream company I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

The following are a few reasons why the Pixel 2 is clearly an insult to the intelligence of a potential buyer. Also, remember the Pixel 2 came out a month after the iPhone 8.

  • iPhone has wireless charging. Pixel 2 doesn’t.
  • iPhone’s camera  has legit portrait mode. Google doesn’t. (No, the software manipulation is not ideal.)
  • iPhone is included with earphones. Pixel 2 isn’t.
  • iPhone has iOS. Pixel 2 has Android.
  • iPhone data will not be sold to the government, corporations and evil buyers. Pixel 2’s data… hmm you know the answer.
  • iPhone doesn’t have ugly bezels. Pixel 2 does.
  • iPhone doesn’t have a space wasting navigation bar on the screen. Pixel 2 does.
  • Apple’s iPhone is made by Apple. Google’s Pixel 2 is made by HTC/LG.
  • iPhone is a quality and stylish product. Pixel 2 isn’t.
  • iPhone doesn’t have fingerprint sensor in the back. Pixel 2 does.
  • iPhone is durable. Pixel 2 isn’t.
  • iPhone has dual camera. Pixel 2 doesn’t.
  • iPhone is priced because of it’s value. Pixel 2 is priced because of iPhone’s price.

There you go.

Maverick’s Guide To Calling Out Bullshit – Cable TV

If there is one thing you can do to improve the quality of your life, that’s discarding Cable TV. I would go ahead and say that you shouldn’t even own a TV, however that’s not the scope for this post.

Cable TV is a thing most people just indulge in whether they need or not, just because it is a social norm. Now, I understand how sports and tv shows are very important for some people. In my opinion, commercial sports and TV shows should be avoided, however that’s different topic. So, how can you watch your Sport events and TV shows? One word, streaming services. They are way cheaper and you don’t have to endure all those ads and brain washing propaganda. In case of movies, watching movies on cable TV is not a great idea. You probably would find many movies in those streaming services. If you really want to watch a particular movie, you can rent them pretty cheap. In case major events, youtube usually streams them for free, where you can further stream into TV.

By cutting down Cable TV , following are the great benefits by just doing that.

  • You can avoid all those bullshit commercials and ads. There is a saying, if you are not paying for a product, maybe you are the product. However in the special case of Cable TV, you are paying for the service and you are also the product.
  • You will be happier person, by avoiding pop culture and mainstream bullshit from all those two thousand TV channels.
  • Gone are the days, where you just arrive from work and turn on TV and just waste way precious time. Now you can focus on working out, personal projects or just some silence. Trust me, you don’t need constant mindless entertainment all the time.
  • You are doing yourself a great favor by avoiding mainstream media and news channels. You shouldn’t be getting news from those partial, unfair and unbalanced TV Channels anyway. You can always get your news from mobile or laptop, which are way better than most of TV Channels. Hint: Google News, Apple News.
  • You can save a great amount of money. I’m not gonna talk about calculation and amount of money you would save a year. However, you get the idea of not having to pay a significant amount every month.

That’s all, just cut down cable TV and enjoy your free time, freedom and stress reduction.