How did Donald Trump win in 2016 presidential elections?

Everyone is surprised that Donald Trump won in this presidential election. However, unfortunately I predicted that’s what was gonna happen. Below are the reasons why I made that assumption and unfortunately I was right. I’m gonna go ahead and make a claim that Bernie Sanders would be president if only the Clinton campaign and DNC did not collude in an evil stupid plan to undermine his populism.

  • Bradley effect. Most people are afraid to announce their support for Donald Trump in a similar way.
  • DNC is single handedly gave White House to Donald Trump. Debbie Wassermann Schultz is a worst leader in the DNC history. In her watch Democratic Party lost many elections, despite that fact Obama did a blunder keeping her in charge of 2016 Democratic Primaries.
  • DNC’s evil plan to limit number of debates in order to undermine Bernie Sanders, which helped Republican Party especially Donald Trump to gain spotlight with so many debates.
  • Wikileaks proving how corrupt DNC colluding with Hillary Clinton.
  • Independent voters grew significantly since 2012. The DNC and Hillary campaign colluded to bury Bernie Sanders while ignoring that very fact, which was a grave mistake.
  • Media went to the utmost bottom of the septic tank, colluding with their financial interests and taking advantage of our partisanship.
  • Media creating a platform for a narcissistic douche bag for the sake of ratings and essentially paving a path towards his presidential goal.
  • Shy Trump voters.
  • People from the USA have a stupid affection and lust towards douchebags and jerks. To give a perspective, the asshole from high school is more admired than the next Mark Zuckerberg from the same class.
  • People assume rich people are gods even though most of them are pathetic and psychopaths.
  • Racism is rampant in the Unites States whether in the form of overt or covert. NO, east coast racism is no different from Deep South racism, east coast people are just really good at hiding it.
  • Polls are wrong all the time, especially when there is a wild card candidate. (for example: Ronald Reagan)
  • People vote with emotion rather than logic and common sense.



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